General Information and Cost

What Materials will you be working with?

Sand and Gravel, Cement, Steel Studs, Dry Wall, Romex Wiring, Plugs and outlets, Interior Joint compound and Galvanized Roofing

What Tools do I need to Bring?

NONE!! For our house project we will supply all the tools needed.  However, special projects other than house projects might require special tools that you have at your disposal.

Do I need to have Construction Experience to participate?

None needed, just a servant’s heart. Our staff will be there to aid and assist you as you learn new skills and use them to build a New Home.

How will my team get to and from the work site?

Being that your team successfully navigated their way to Ensenada means you will have a means to transport your team to the work site, and also to the VBS site. RLM has vehicles to aid and assist, but remember they are CONSTRUCTION vehicles and we also have out staff to transport.

What are the dimensions of the house we will be building?

This is where RLM is a bit different from some of the other house building ministries. We build in two sections, each measuring 12’x24′, so the end result is a 576 square foot home that will have two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a nice open area for a kitchen and living room. It takes to visits to complete a full 24’x24′ home.
For larger families we enourage the extra funding for the 12×34 which provides the family with 3 bedrooms vs. 2.

How Much will the House Project Cost?

This includes all of the materials used to construct the home, plus usage of all tools to complete the project, and Local Staff. (This is a separate cost from Accommodations)

12×24, $4100.00

12×34, $5700.00  


Per person, per night– $21.00


Dinner, per person, per meal — $7.50

                               Breakfast, Per person, per meal — $5.50

                      Lunch, groups must provide items needed to prepare their own sack lunch. Items can be purchased State side or at any easy to access markets that are close by

Be prepared to provide a Love offering to the Cook and her assistant at the minimum of $300.00.

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