Casa Royal

Day One!

  Pre-cut steel stud pieces are carefully set into sturdy steel templates. They are fastened together using special designed Framing screws. After all panels and roofing trusses have been completed they are loaded on to a Special Custom Trailer that will transported to them work site.

We believe in providing a sound foundation, a cornerstone of strength. When pouring this slab we make sure a foundation is poured to help prevent erosion from under the slab. We also lay 3/8″ Rebar to add reinforcement to the concrete. All the Concrete is mixed in a motorized mixer and this is work that we do not contract out, your Team will play a key role in the mixing and pouring of the slab. A smooth finish is applied and ready to accept the walls that will come out on Day 2.

Day 2!

We begin by standing up the walls on to the slab and securing them with a power activated gun. Expanded metal is applied to the exterior that will aid in strength and also act as the backing for the two coats of stucco that will be applied. Romex Wire is routed through the walls and special bushings are used to make sure the wires are protected from the metal edges.

At the end of the day the home is ready for Stucco! The Trusses are on, the roof is secure, the windows are in, and the door is set. On the right is what happens when we build the addition. Only three walls are set, and the trusses are attached to the existing house.

Day 3!

 On Day 3 the house will receive it’s first coat of stucco, and by the end of the day 3 the walls will be fully coated and scratched.

The Temporary front siding is compose of  OSB particlel board and it will receive a coat of paint on Day 4. Attaching the particle board is the first step in planning for the second half of the house. On the inside the sheet rock is secured and will be ready for tape and mud that will cover all the butted joints and corners.

Day 4, the Final Day!

Tape and mud is applied and one Skim coat of Mud. While that is happening the Exterior is receiving it’s last coat of Stucco!

 Final steps are complete for electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. After all the details are secure the only thing left to do is,,,,,the best part! Dedicate the house and usually Eat some Great Food!!!


This is a very special time in which each group brings a special part of their character in Dedicating the house to the family. For them it was a House Building Project, and now it is a Home Building Project for the Family.

 A big part of the week as we take part in celebrating the end of a great week, and usually the family will bless the group with some Fantastic, Good Ol’ down home Mexican Cooking!