Cost and Information

Our cost layout might seem confusing at first, but we have our reasons. While with some organizations you pay a flat rate per person that includes meals we brake up that cost. That way if you choose to eat dinner off site you pay only for that meal that you eat off site. We don’t want to take funds for Food items we will not purchase. We do our best to keep our cost down,  but our facility needs to be ready to operate year round. All funds from paid to towards your Accommodations,  year round operations, and supported ministries. They do not go toward supplementing Missionaries Support.


  • Per night, Per person the cost is $15.00
  • Food, Dinner cooked by out cook  $6.00 per person per dinner meal
  • Cooks Love Offering, $120.00 per Group for 4 dinner servings (this is for an average group of 15-20, please be aware of the extra work and expenses for groups larger than 20)
  • A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required for all Bookings.
  • Please distribute your funds in this way.  Accommodations, please mail to Real Life Ministries, Att. Ensenada Operations, Po Box 909, Bonita CA 91913
  • Food funds for Dinner and Cooks offering, CASH. Please note that any and all checks brought to us in Mexico will sit for at least 2-3 months before they are are deposited.                                            

Work Project Casa Royal:

  • House building project will cost $3500.00 (due to possible rate increases in Construction supplies, this amount is subject to change) 
  • 50% of this amount must be received two Months Prior to your project, balance due one month prior to your project. This secures all materials for your project and adjudicate time  for purchasing and supply
    • If your project takes place during the summer months 50% of the material funds need to be received by the first week of May. All summer stock must be ordered, delivered, inventoried and prepared by the first week of June. Your Funds MUST be RECEIVED IN ORDER FOR US TO FUNCTION IN A WAY THAT BEST SERVES YOU AND YOUR GROUP. The balance is due upon your arrival.

Do Work Projects:

  • 50% percent of you material funds will need to be received one month prior to your arrival, and the balance upon your arrival. If your project is being planed within that time frame (less than one month) then you will bring those funds with you in form of cash or check, however. You must realize the possibility of down time due to ordering, purchasing, delivery schedules, and availability of materials. 
  • Please give ample time for project request that evolved detailed material estimations and calculations.