What to Bring


This is very important information as you want to make sure you have what you want, and that you don’t have too much of what you don’t need, and that you don’t bring something that should not be here.

Personal items Suggested to bring

  •  You will need a Sleep Bag to go on top of your Padded bunk, you are also welcome to bring sheets and blankets.
  •   Basic toiletry items (tooth brush, towel, soap, shampoo…)
  •   Basic work clothes—T-shirts or Long sleeve shirts, Blue Jeans (or similar), Closed Toe Shoes, A Hat, Safety Glasses, and Gloves (we recommend Mechanics Gloves)
  •   Although you might be coming in the Summer it tends to get a bit chilly at night, a light jacket is suggested.
  •  You are welcome to bring your personal tools, just remember that RLM is not responsible for Lost or Damaged tools. Bring them at your own Risk!!

      What not to bring:

  • Short shorts! All shorts should extend to just above the knee.
  • Spaghetti string shirts
  • Two piece bathing suits (some Tankini’s are OK,,,please, think Modest, this is a Mission’s Trip)
  • Radio’s, curling irons, hair dryers… (A radio in the dorm is fine, it’s when every student brings one) No Music devices with ear buds, or Amplified speakers are aloud on the work site for safety reasons
  • Cell Phones. Cell phones are used for many other reasons than just phone calls,,,just be aware of Added Cost and fees if used for Texting or calls. Again, this is a Mission’s trip and we encourage Students and adults to remain a bit disconnected during their time here. Leaders will have access to LAN Line service, DSL Internet, and will be made available to students in times of emergency.) We carry a VOIP service that provides a US phone number that connects to our home in Mexico.
  • Drugs–Of course all drugs that are illegal in the US are illegal here in Mexico. All Students that are under the direction of a Doctor for medications must give records of such drug to their leader.
  • Cigarettes– Although allowed to be carried, there is no Smoking on the LTP ministry grounds, or at the work site. This can have a very negative testimony to those we are serving, or the community.

Group Items

Work Site

  • We do have Quicke ups (Shade Canopy’s), but they are used at the work site, and we hope our inventory increases so we can have them ready for the VBS site as well
  • Gatorade  RLM provides Drinking water and Gatorade for it’s staff. If you wish it for your Group please include it on your shopping list. We do have some containers for sale, but it is not a guarantee.



Our kitchen is complete with a side-by-side fridge, 6 burner stove/grill/oven, microwave, and Fresh Drinking Water provided by Agua 2000 purification plant. We do have Igloo’s and ice chest available for you as well.

What to bring:

  • Any  pots or pans or cutlery that you might feel you need for special cooking needs. There are Pots, Pans, and baking sheets at LTP, plus Shaffer trays. You will be providing and cooking your breakfast meals. Feel free to call or email us for an updated kitchen inventory. Please have all of your items marked.
  • Plastic eating utensils
  • Paper, or Plastic cups
  • Coffee cups (if you want, have everyone bring a coffee mug to donate, then eventually we’ll have a nice collection of Coffee mugs for you)
  • Paper Napkins
  • Special Diet Needs, be prepared. Our cook will do her best to accommodate special diet needs, but this is not always possible. In this culture you eat what is served to you, but we realize there is a difference between what will harm you (allergy reactions) vs. the “I just don’t like it”. If a individual simply chooses not to eat something because they don’t like it,,,well,,,they shouldn’t be here. Again, this is to give individuals a taste of what it is like on the mission field, and as a Missionary you rarely say “No” to something that was prepared for you.
  • Ice Chest? We do have ice chest and igloo’s. If you plan on a Full Breakfast and extensive lunches you might want to bring extra ice chest to hold your extra food.
  • Feel Free to fill the kitchen with your favorite tunes as you cook! Happy Cooks make Good Food.  We will work hard to outfit our Kitchen with audio Docks for your personal Digital Players.


  • Toilet paper and paper towels are provided. We use bulk dispensers for both




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