Building With RLM

With RLM we offer your group a variety of ways to be of service to those in need when it comes to construction related projects. It is best to first look at the character of your group and make an assessment of the skills they have. Other factors to take into consideration would be your building budget, and the amount of time you have to give to your project. With some of these factors in place we can work together to make sure we have a project for you that best suits the Skills, Budget, and Time.

We have two basic ways you can build. One is by participating in our Home Building Projects which need a commitment of at least 5 days to complete. There is are no Construction Skill requirements and there seems to be a job for all age levels to participate in. RLM provides all the Tools and Hands On Supervision. For more Details on RLM’s Home Building Program please follow this link

At times you find yourself with a group of highly skilled construction workers that will be packing their Tool Belts, Power Tools, and transporting all of it in their big Truck. Building a template styled house might be a bit elementary for this team of Skilled workers and they might need something that can put their skills and knowledge to work. For these teams we can arrange special Projects that can range from Yards of Concrete to Setting Floor Tile. Or, you find yourself with limited Time and Budget issues and completeing a home is not an option. For more details and examples of past projects Please follow this link

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