Planing your Trip

Below is a check list of some of the basic things that need to be done as you plan your trip

  • First it’s important to know if you are planing on coming to participate in Casa Royal or Do WORK projects. Casa Royal is a one week commitment, and Do Work is anywhere from one day to one week.
  • Schedule a Date. You might have all the funds needed, enough people, and all of the information, but if you have not Booked your trip it might not get off the ground. Use the Calendar in the tool bar to your left to see if there is an opening. Also, it’s a good idea to know if you are coming for weekend or a week long stay.
  • The Cost. You need to break this up in to different catagories depending on how you will be funding the trip. There is the Work project, Transportation, Food, and lodging. It’s best to follow this link for a detailed break down on the cost for each thing that was listed. Questions to consider,,,Will your church be funding any aspect of the trip? Will individuals need to raise 100% of their individual cost?
  • Start your fund raising! There are many different ways to do this such as,,, Car Washes, Spaghetti feeds or Burrito feeds, auctions, Christmas tree sales…and the list goes on. Try this site for fresh and new ideas, Fund Raising Ideas .
  • Start thinking of Transportation needs. Will you be needing to arrange airfare? Will you need to be renting Vans? Also remember that it is very important to let those driving their own vehicles, that it is required that they have Insurance for Traveling in Mexico.
  • Passports! A valid US Government Issued ID is required to re-gain entry into the United States of America. This can be in the form of a US Passport, Enhanced Drivers License or a US Government Issued ID card. RLM de Mexico also recommends that every Non Mexican Citizen visiting visiting Mexico stops to obtain and Tourist Card at the Boarder Crossing. They are free and you can get them by pulling into the Declaration Depot which is in the far right as you cross over.


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