The COVID virus has changed and impacted us globally, and depending on where you come from it is being handled in different ways. Just travel your own State, or neighboring States and you will see differences. Here in Baja we have seen many stages of concern and precaution and we have settled down into a way of living that says, the virus is here but we also need to get along with life and do our best to protect ourselves and those around us.  
Some questions you might have about Baja California 

Crossing the boarder into Mexico: 
At this time, it is business as usual. There are no personnel conducting any type of screening related to COVID. 

Are kids back in school: 
No, at this time most kids are learning via online teaching. However, at Casa Esperanza it is more like a Homeschool situation and those outside of Casa are on a remote Online learning process 

Are the taco stands closed: 
Kind of odd, but the taco stands never closed due to COVID. They now follow safety protocols, but they never seemed to close.  
Restaurants as well? 
Some remain closed, but most have hours of operating and follow safety guidelines, and you can dine in as well. 
Can you go to Costco and other stores: 
Yes, all the big stores and markets are open. Some like Costco and Home Depot have entry limits and at Costco it is only one person per membership, and Home Depot is only one person per household.  
How about out stay at LTP: 
First, we ask this, if you are sick in anyway- please stay home. And this has been our request for a long time. Coming on a trip to LTP and already being sick can not only have an effect on your group, but other groups as well, because it’s likely our staff will become infected.  
We are asking that everyone follow the basic rule of wearing a face mask and using hand sanitizer. Once in our gated facility, and you have been checked, you are free to go about life at LTP in normal fashion. However, feel free to wear your mask and just removing it for meals.  
We trust that even before you get into your vehicles that your Church, School, or Organization has either checked, or requested proper testing.   

How about the work site? 
We are working and working hard. Everyone needs to be checked, including the family receiving the home. You face covering is not a required on the worksite with it is occupied by those withing your group and LTP staff.  

This will greatly depend on where VBS is, and the guidelines of the church or organization we visit. One church might request face mask, while someplace like Casa Esperanza might simply ask that everyone is checked, cleans hands, and avoids picking up and hugging the kids.   Crossing back into the USA: 
From our personal experience we can say that we have never been held or asked questions in regards to COVID. At this time and from the beginning the boarder at San Ysidro and Otay Mesa have never been closed. There are restrictions and they mainly deal with Mexican citizens that have non-essential travel into the US. For them, technically as this time they are restricted from crossing into the US.  

Early on the City of Ensenada did have a check point in place and all that crossed had to have proof of essential work, or permanent residence. The blessing is that the City of Ensenada sees our work as essential, and granted us written permission to our groups to enter. If this is implemented again, we will ask for your patience as we provide the required information to be granted permission.