Salt Creek Baptist

Salt Creek Baptist

Our first Spring Break group came from Salt Creek Baptist of Oregon. Pastor Russ Richmond brought down a great group of adults and teenagers to get involved and to help make a difference. Our time together involved a trip to the taco stand and it was fun and exciting to get back into the swing of things. Sunday we attended church at Iglasia Babtista Dios es Amor and then headed off to La Bufadora. I think for many this was their first time to Mexico and they were finding it interesting how the people moved about without the fear that the media likes us to think. The day ended with our orientation meeting and for the first time we showed out “H12:One” video to a visiting group and needless to say it grabbed their attention and it would spark many questions through out the week.


The work project started off with a threat of rain and we made small preparations for it, but we were more or less thinking that it was simply just a threat and soon enough we had nice clear blue skys and it would remain that way all week. The teens from Salt Creek were amazing workers and everyone stuck to their jobs and put forth their best efforts. This was the second house build that would have the new floor plan and with a few adjustments it came together very nice. As a ministry we tend to struggle just a bit as we get back into the house building mode, but it actually went real nice and we can only thank the Salt Creek Team for all of their hard work as I think it made a huge difference.

There was only time for two days of personal ministry interaction and one of those days was spent at La Casa de Esperanza. This was a time when a vision and a big change took place. For many years there was the idea that the Mom’s needed a break from their children, and that the kids needed time to play with the teens, but it was the opposite. On this day the games and activities were created to help bring the Moms and their children together to play in interact with each other. Gabby Alonso of Casa Esperanza worked with Debbie and put together a very fun filled afternoon. The Salt Creek teens helped spur a new type of programing and it was an amazing day, and the way of things to come.








We ended the week with the presentation of the new home and Pastor Gabriel was their to support the project and to pray for the family and the teens from Salt Creek. Carlos and his family now have a house, and now it is theirs to make a home. As the year goes Carlos will be building his septic tank, hooking up the bathrooms and preparing for next years project when we come back to do the addition. By trade Carlos is a carpenter and the group blessed him with some new tools. A Great Week! A fantastic group of teenagers, and now a new beginning for Carlos and his family.

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